To The Musicians, Morning Star Studios, Guest Soloists and Choirs

I really appreciate all of you. You, the musicians, are the life of every session, and you, the engineers, are the hands of God working all things together for the good. Thank you Christopher Neal, Robert Brickhouse, John Murray, Darryl Johnson, Chuck Jefferson, Brian Williams, D. Corey Shipley, Marcus Allen, Glenn Barratt, Dave Gerhart, Dave Schonauer, and James Barnes. Thank you Dorothy Norwood, St. Charles Choir, Gary Perkins, John Murray and Worship, Deanna Ransom, Perry Jenkins and the Lord's Mercenaries and HanSoul. G.O., you have come along for such a time as this; thank you. This project would not be what it is without you. May God bless you for blessing me.

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